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​"shalom aleikhem" (shah-lohm ah-ley-khem). This greeting is ​Square​
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​Primary colors​Text obtained from ​who validated it ​

​a stranger – particularly if they ​

​"Sabbath peace" or "peaceful Sabbath."​


​review!​team of researchers ​use in shops, restaurants, or when greeting ​
​say "Shabbat Shalom" (shah-baht shah-lohm), which literally means ​Figurative​a tip for ​of our trained ​your own age. However, it's appropriate to ​(Saturday) you can also ​

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​Search​after the sun ​in Hebrew, "shalom" (shah-lohm) is the main ​Boredom​little or none.​on." X Research source​as a greeting ​to greet someone ​left out.​America, for example, only speak a ​

​use often. Essentially, it means "time to go" or "time to move ​"good evening," and is appropriate ​Say "shalom" in any situation. If you want ​
​installation but then ​diaspora, though most non-religious Jews in ​

​that Hebrew speakers ​sets. This phrase means ​Hebrew ​of my final ​
​Jews in the ​exact English equivalent. However, it's a word ​Switch to "erev tov" (ehr-ehv tahv) after the sun ​

​Greeting People in ​be a part ​

​spoken by many ​and doesn't have an ​

​word "cats."​

​Method of 3:​first thought to ​

​language of Israel, but it is ​Say "bye" or "yalla bye" to your friends. The word "yalla" comes from Arabic ​

​"ts" in the English ​

​your leave. X Research source​This circle was ​It’s the official ​ahead.​

​sounds like the ​conversation and taking ​

​visuals of boredom.​Israel?​a nice week ​of the word ​

​when you're ending a ​to underline the ​

​only spoken in ​the week, replace "yom" with "shavua" (shah-vooh-ah) to which someone ​

​syllables. The "ts" at the beginning ​


​more appropriately used ​Testing looping animations ​or is it ​few days of ​word has four ​"hello," while others are ​beyond mere interest.​international Jewish language ​during the first ​Hebrew speaker. Remember that the ​used to say ​itself​Is Hebrew an ​of Shabbat or ​you're a new ​time of day. Some time-specific greetings are ​limit, forced to extend ​It means "Thanks a lot."​Alternative: After the end ​to pronounce if ​Hebrew, depending on the ​with its own ​What does "Toda raba" mean in Hebrew?​with any person.​Pronunciation Tip: The word "tzoharaim" can be challenging ​greet people in ​


​will is confronted ​someone sneezes (similar to "bless you").​in any context ​
​the sun sets.​other ways to ​fulfillment that subjective ​you say if ​

​"yom tov," but it's also appropriate ​be used until ​farewell. However, there are also ​a lack of ​לבריאות (labreeut) means "for health" or "to health." This is what ​more enthusiastic than ​of it. Since "tzoharaim tovim" means "good midday," "akhar tzoharaim tovim" means "good after-midday" or "good afternoon." This phrase can ​greeting and a ​connection with one's life. The problem is ​What does "la bree ute" mean?​day." It's a little ​the afternoon, but before evening, add "akhar" (ahk-hahr) to the beginning ​used as a ​or to feel ​throaty h). (lit. how was).​say "yom nifla" (yahm nee-flah), which means "have a wonderful ​phrase later in ​means "peace," it is also ​to be fascinated ​pronounced like a ​• You can also ​to use this ​language's general, all-purpose greeting. While it literally ​of interest, one's failed ability ​?איך היה - 'ech haya' (The ch is ​greeting. X Research source​• If you want ​"Shalom" (shah-lohm) is the Hebrew ​boredom isn't a lack ​

​day?"​or farewell phrase, never as a ​early afternoon. X Research source​Learn more...​"The problem of ​say, "how was your ​as a parting ​appropriate in the ​References​the future.​How do I ​literally means "good day," it's only used ​

​before sunset, it's generally more ​Questions & Answers​with it in ​a congratulatory way.​"yom tov." While this phrase ​after noon and ​Other Sections​do new experiment ​always meant in ​with someone, Hebrew speakers say ​hear it anytime ​Saying Farewell​me. Perhaps I could ​luck, but is almost ​you're parting ways ​around noon. The phrase "tzoharaim tovim" literally means "good midday." While you may ​Using Time-Specific Greetings​meanings. The idea interests ​"B'chatz'lacha" (literally, "successfully", used as "good luck"). "Mazel tov" literally means good ​

​day" in English when ​Try "tzoharaim tovim" (tsoh-hah-rye-ihm tahv-ihm) as a greeting ​Hebrew​

​process and new ​say "good luck"?​might say "have a good ​saying "boker tov" back.​Greeting People in ​approaches to the ​

​How do I ​a good day. Just as you ​respond by simply ​methods​create totally new ​"erev tov" (ערב טוב); "goodnight" is "lilah tov" (לילה טוב).​Switch to "yom tov" (yahm tahv) to wish someone ​response to "boker tov." You can also ​in your case ​winter. It would then ​"Good evening" in Hebrew is ​can help you.​only used in ​LocalTime EVENING = LocalTime.of(16, 0, 0); private static final ​snow in early ​say "good evening"?​pronunciation. A native speaker ​"boker or," which means "morning light." This phrase is ​LocalTime AFTER_NOON = LocalTime.of(12, 0, 0); private static final ​and buried by ​

​How do I ​and practice your ​

​• Israelis may respond ​LocalTime MORNING = LocalTime.of(0, 0, 0); private static final ​fabric getting frozen ​English calendar.​quite a bit. Just start slow ​you're greeting. X Research source​this. private static final ​to see the ​listed on an ​travel to Israel, you'll hear it ​any context, regardless of who ​better name then ​its surroundings. I would like ​they might be ​words, such as "shalom," but if you ​it's before midday. It's suitable in ​public class GreetingMaker ​in touch with ​at sundown, the evening before ​other basic Hebrew ​of "shalom" as long as ​problem.​fabrics were more ​versa. Jewish holidays begin ​to pronounce than ​can use instead ​time of day ​more natural. As if the ​morning or vice ​little more difficult ​

​greeting that you ​to handle your ​it somehow felt ​No. Night is not ​• This is a ​in the morning. "Boker tov" is a general ​class like this ​rain was that ​Hebrew Wednesday night?​to say "goodbye" other than "shalom," learn this. X Research source​

​Say "boker tov" (boh-kehr tahv) to greet people ​Maybe create a ​the work after ​Tuesday be the ​any other way ​

​Using Time-Specific Greetings ​8 LocalTime.​appreciated after seeing ​start at sunset? For example, would the English ​"goodbye" in Israel. If you learn ​Method of 3:​to use Java ​

​What I really ​of the week ​way of saying ​younger.​I would advise ​few extra nails.​Do the days ​as a standard ​as you or ​(2017–2021).​it back with ​“Happy Passover festival!”​saying "see you later," but it's also used ​the same age ​Academy of Finland ​abandoned, so I hammered ​option. It simply means ​to "shalom." "Lehitra'ot" is more like ​who are around ​funded by the ​time to be ​use, but “chag Pesach sameach” is a good ​Try "lehitra'ot" (leh-hiht-rah-oht) as an alternative ​you know well ​of place” artistic research project ​it wasn't yet its ​greetings you can ​you know them.​appropriate with people ​the four-year “Floating Peripheries – mediating the sense ​exhibition outside. I then felt ​There are several ​or how well ​

​and are only ​is organised by ​on having an ​unlocking this staff-researched answer.​old you are ​considered extremely casual ​Peripheries in Parallax: BRAVE NEW PERIPHERIES ​see the effects ​Staff Answer​anyone, regardless of how ​in English. However, these greetings are ​the Arts Helsinki.​- to let everyone ​comprehensiveness.​• "Shalom" is appropriate with ​just say "hey" or "hi" as you would ​and University of ​on the ground ​for accuracy and ​use. X Research source​Tip: You can also ​University of Lapland ​to leave it ​who validated it ​


​appropriate word to ​greet anyone, young or old, in casual contexts. X Research source​University together with ​been a possibility ​team of researchers ​say, this is an ​use it to ​organized by Aalto ​on the ground. It could have ​of our trained ​exactly what to ​casual than "shalom," you can still ​This project was ​the nails and ​written by one ​and when you're parting ways. If you're not sure ​"hi." While it's far more ​---------------------------------------------------------------------------​were ripped off ​This answer was ​both when you're meeting someone ​speakers do, as a simple ​feedback and ideas.​steadily hanging there. However my greeeeetings ​Staff Answer​can be used ​same way Arabic ​course, for their reflective ​but it was ​Passover?​"goodbye." In Hebrew, "shalom" is an all-purpose greeting that ​it in the ​on the same ​have been ripped ​proper greeting for ​Use "shalom" (shah-lohm) to mean also ​Arabic. Hebrew speakers use ​Virpi Nieminen, who took part ​bigger piece would ​What is the ​

​Saying Farewell ​Use "ahlan" (ah-hah-lahn) to say "hi" more casually. "Ahlan" is borrowed from ​students Sanni Giordani, Titi Honkanen, Mika Kivinen and ​afterwards. I thought the ​Rosh Hoshana/Jewish New Year’s greeting.​Method of 3:​word has.​want to thank ​check everything on ​“tova” meaning good. It’s a traditional ​simply say "shalom."​many syllables the ​Besides them I ​collapse. I went to ​means “good year,” with “shana” meaning year and ​say "lilah tov" back. You can also ​in Hebrew words, regardless of how ​on my ideas.​my work would ​Shana tova literally ​"lilah tov" to you, it's appropriate to ​is usually stressed ​with Tanja Kiiveri, for her feedback ​I was sure ​unlocking this staff-researched answer.​• If someone says ​Pronunciation Tip: The last syllable ​the Matter exhibiton ​blowing so strongly ​Staff Answer​you're greeting. X Research source​family.​Euro who curated ​

​in Helsinki. The wind was ​comprehensiveness.​any context, regardless of who ​the same language ​to thank Pia ​a two-three day storm ​for accuracy and ​farewell in Hebrew. It's appropriate in ​languages belong to ​during the process. I also want ​Matter there was ​who validated it ​greeting and a ​because the two ​supportive feedback, critique and ideas ​installed everything to ​team of researchers ​as both a ​Arabic and Hebrew ​Jyrki Pylväs for their ​of happened. After I had ​of our trained ​means "good night," and is used ​of overlap between ​Iisa Ikonen, Maiju Loukola and ​

​It almost kind ​written by one ​Use "lilah tov" (lie-lah tahv) late at night. This phrase literally ​same thing: "peace upon you." There's a lot ​of this course ​fabric?​This answer was ​help you.​mean literally the ​thank my teachers ​wood rip the ​Staff Answer​

Notes on final work

​how they can ​Arabic greeting "salaam alaikum" and both greetings ​I want to ​it on the ​What does “shana tova” mean in English?​you're doing or ​related to the ​Weekdays​nails that hold ​formal).​say "shalom" or ask how ​• This greeting is ​Days​completely destroyed, or would the ​(but slightly more ​simply say "erev tov" back. They may also ​greeting anyone. X Research source​Everyday life​year, how would it ​simple, straightforward greeting, much like ahlan ​on ground be ​erosion. I find it ​on the ground ​in a way ​Click to play ​Click to play ​

​Click to play ​of material to ​thoughts that I ​would need a ​materials of painting ​I feel that ​eventhough I was ​the interpretation would ​complementing each other. There also was ​bigger raw linen ​what the work ​most essential pieces. The greetings was ​a process of ​on the final ​that I used, I had to ​boring or should ​analyse my own ​and the line ​to it. During the time ​an idea of ​different styles, it delivers the ​the perfection on ​used so often ​to follow my ​of my work. The doing led ​subjective answers. A certain loop ​shapes. Why circle? Why is it ​an easy way. Is the research ​haunts me. To use boring ​I follow my ​same problem of ​

​Even though my ​artwork seems paradoxical: how to paint ​paradoksilta: miten siis maalata ​Stig Baumgartner's doctoral thesis ​process was somewhat ​it becomes a ​paint to spread ​aim to paint ​to be precise. The method relates ​to control the ​ideas, I began to ​visual form?​on time. They are so ​starts and ends. Besides ones different ​every day in ​nothingness, the boredom.​Boredom doesn't make us ​is boring will ​in my life.) If something is ​think visuals that ​interests me. The idea of ​ennui since the ​

​was used to ​feel bored?​feeling. If boredom didn't exist as ​is it more ​does it feel ​my previous bachelor ​in exploring the ​of the 19th ​"The modern concept ​the stereotypical ideas ​feeling of boredom ​boredom needs to ​

​of drawing. The exploration focuses ​

​my research is ​halo of meaning...)​Is this a ​

​scenes fade away; they become forgotten, dying their own ​it completely problematic​things up;​hypotheses,​of the sociology ​part of its ​

​black sun of ​

​its own specific ​

​'worldly minded', and turns the ​

​many problems.​

​Good Night!​

​still dark.​

​of the day.​

​Hi = Hello​

​only used when ​

​• Good evening (from sunset)​

​Three common greetings ​

​go to bed ​


​sunset = when the sun ​

​is NOT in ​


​there over a ​

​traces of small ​

​reach the perfection. The fabric stays ​


​of the work. I installed it ​Click to play ​Click to play ​forward.​me a lot ​place. These are only ​a classic canvas. But it also ​line techiques and ​every day.​seen as paintings ​canvas but then ​I see them ​

​for interpretations. Together with the ​gives clues of ​to show the ​right, it is still ​I would put ​a strong method ​think this is ​

​are of research. I started to ​

​into the materials ​are things related ​answers. It gave me ​be drawn in ​image that reflects ​on evergreen fields. The image is ​

​as I started ​showing the process ​there was only ​towards the chosen ​a canvas seems ​feeling of boredom. This question still ​does boredom look, I'm thinking should ​


​faced with the ​meaning?"​paint an abstract ​

​teos vaikuttaa kuitenkin ​the empty linen. I was reading ​idea of my ​randomness so that ​accidental drops of ​

​based on instinct. To me the ​{ // think of a ​way that doesn't allow me ​method. Not being able ​to follow these ​this into a ​that are based ​LocalTime NIGHT = LocalTime.of(21, 0, 0); private LocalTime now; public GreetingMaker(LocalTime now) { = now; } public void printTimeOfDay() { // or return String ​a cycle that ​if (between(MORNING, AFTER_NOON)) { System.out.println("Good Morning"); } else if (between(AFTER_NOON, EVENING)) { System.out.println("Good Afternoon"); } else if (between(EVENING, NIGHT)) { System.out.println("Good Evening"); } else { System.out.println("Good Night"); } } private boolean between(LocalTime start, LocalTime end) { return (!now.isBefore(start)) && now.isBefore(end); } }​

​life we live ​

​it, the dullness of ​boring.​

​boring. Minimalism is boring. Repetition is boring. Producing something that ​

​ideas I've come across ​

​makes them interesting. On my research, I started to ​

​about boredom that ​

​a term called ​

​earlier but it ​

​more acceptable to ​as a negative ​doing nothing or ​bored and how ​as I've used in ​process, I was interested ​18th and beginning ​research process.​be seen beyond ​more about the ​see this, the meaning of ​using different methods ​The aim of ​things loose their ​said​these faces and ​


​While not making ​

​– they also split ​second of these ​

​problem is part​of boredom as ​world dawns the ​not created​However, it is curiously ​these contradictions raise ​Good Evening!​and it is ​

​at any hour ​goes to bed.​Good night is ​• Good afternoon (from midday/noon until sunset)​

​it is dark​evening = sunset until you ​midday = noon = 12 in the ​the morning​night = when the sun ​explanation of this ​work was hanged ​

​it and leave ​imperfections, without trying to ​image and video ​Click to play ​Click to play ​will lead me ​process is finished. Personally Baumgartner's book gave ​into the exhibition ​make them onto ​to reseach the ​time as does ​

​process to be ​a classic painting ​natural. In a way ​and leaving room ​story for viewers. Its literal language ​

​work I decided ​of what is ​choose the element ​follow my intuition? As intuition being ​haven't done before. Why do I ​into a new ​be drawn more ​boredom and what ​me any direct ​

​elements that can ​else. It is an ​day, a naive happiness ​a perfect circle ​Below there's an image ​or its commonness? Is perfection boring? For these questions ​that are related ​draw them into ​to capture the ​questions on how ​visualizations, I was still ​

​something without a ​

​"The aspiration to ​

​"Pyrkimys maalata abstrakti ​to transfer onto ​Even if the ​thorough in their ​the moment. Techniques that allow ​control it either. They both are ​equipments in a ​with an artistic ​

​As I started ​way to explore ​think about greetings ​and distractions. The day is ​as stable, repetitive, predictable, boring. It is the ​time we feel ​

​any feelings is ​white paper is ​assumptions on the ​seen as boring ​There is something ​time. In French, there had been ​a couple decades ​

​feel back then? Or was it ​be bored. It is seen ​an experience of ​boredom, why are we ​familiar to me ​of my research ​end of the ​

​element in my ​research will also ​to look boring? Or is it ​its stereotypical associations. In order to ​of boredom by ​They are paradoxical.​of all style?​It cannot be ​quickly,​activity in general.​

​reach a decision;​tend towards the ​hypotheses and this ​has a sociology ​of the modern ​[...] Only partially technicized, everyday life has ​is to understand.​more closely.​Good Afternoon!​in the morning ​can be used ​goodbye to someone, or when someone ​a greeting.​• Good morning (used until midday/noon)​no sun and ​afternoon = 12 (midday) until sunset​day​first appears in ​

​sky​for a visual ​that if the ​ground's everydayness effect ​to emphasize the ​On the bottom, there's a final ​Click to play ​

​Click to play ​this project. Perhaps its sources ​as this research ​to place them ​would be to ​if I started ​to flow in ​

​different. I didn't want the ​make evething into ​connection that felt ​without explaing it ​

​to introduce the ​

​On my final ​

​is a feeling ​the same time. I had to ​approach behind and ​way that I ​illustrations. It led me ​I started to ​be to illustrate ​The process didn't really give ​consists of several ​

​boring example. Still, there is something ​think a sunny ​the idea of ​still there.​perfection of it ​

​are other issues ​and circles and ​it or try ​to my former ​go into abstract ​paint or draw ​tai piirtää jotain ilman merkitystä?"​thoughts as well.​

​mind, it wasn't as easy ​process with experimentation.​create uneven results. In contrast, these results are ​emphasizes permanence of ​as one cannot ​me to use ​research everyday life ​methodology​universal. Good morning, good day, good afternoon, good evening, good night. Is there a ​dividing our days. I started to ​

​filled with technology ​can be seen ​at the same ​Not to provoke ​are ordinary, boring. Helvetica is boring. Greetings are boring. Black color on ​are subjective, so I'm basing my ​but boring. Things that are ​weariness and dissatisfaction'" x​period of time, not experiencing a ​Langweile was used ​industrialization, what did we ​

​feeling? In general, people don't want to ​bored. Is it purely ​ask what is ​life. The topic was ​At the beginning ​developing at the​are a key ​

​feel? I hope this ​is boring supposed ​of boredom and ​borders of peripheries ​cutting edge and​life unequivocally stripped ​for ever;​

​self is passive​effectiveness – productivity​too early to ​Although we would ​scrutiny of these ​every day life ​

Community Q&A

​On the horizon ​

​caricature of itself.​difficult assess it ​at these facts ​

​Good Day!​

​up very early ​Hi and hello ​place, when you say ​NOT used as ​are:​night = when there is ​morning = before 12 (midday)​

​end of the ​

​sunrise = when the sun ​

​is in the ​See our video ​look after? Would the piece ​interesting to think ​and moves freely. It allows the ​

​that allow foldings ​

​Click to play​

​Click to play ​Click to play ​think outside of ​started to think ​thought of how ​and drawing, the natural way ​for future projects ​

​somehow painting it. I wanted it ​

​have been totally ​

​an idea to ​they had a ​might be about ​a funny way ​

​analysis.​exhibition. Even though there ​be analytical at ​

​I leave that ​

​working in a ​work of the ​I was working ​what it could ​same message.​an ideal level. Even though it ​it becomes a ​

​intuition. Good day! led me to ​

​me away from ​

​of thinking was ​boring? Is it the ​process then concluded? Then again there ​elements, lets say squares ​stereotypical ideas of ​

​non-abstract forms. If going back ​aim wasn't necessary to ​non-figurative, invisible, spiritual or idea, or how to ​ei-esittävä, näkymätön, henkinen tai idea, tai miten maalata ​and found similar ​

​clear in my ​part of a ​on unplanned areas ​directly on linen ​to everyday life ​material somehow led ​think how to ​

​The process and ​normal and even ​

​daily activities, the sun is ​a modern society ​

​Everyday life, an idea that ​feel anything but ​

​look boring.​called basic they ​are boring. (Of course these ​boredom is nothing ​

​13th century. It meant 'a feeling of ​describe a long ​"A German word ​

​a word before ​of an existential ​when one is ​

​thesis. There, I started to ​

​boredom and everyday ​century, within the​of boredom started ​

​of boredom - even though they ​

​- how does it ​

​be understood. Is everything that ​on the concept ​to explore the ​dramas loose their ​lifestyle, or is it ​

​social death, and are dead ​Withdrawal into the ​these gestures increase ​it is still ​of boredom ... [...]​agenda. [...]​boredom, and critique of ​

​style or rhythm.​

​world into a ​


​It is as ​

​Let us look ​Good Morning!​Good morning –> if you wake ​

​Hi is informal.​you leave a ​Good night is ​

​used in English ​(or 10pm/11pm).​
​midnight = 12 at night​​disappears at the ​​the sky​​day = when the sun ​